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Postby Admin » Wed Mar 14, 2012 9:13 pm

Welcome to the new HKLS forum.

Instruction to access the forum:
1. Register as a forum user;
2. Forum user can access Dscussion Section to post topic and reply;
3. Forum user has the right to post and share photo in Discussion Section.

Procedure of the forum registration:
Please send the following information to :D :D :D :D :
  • Real name
  • Preferred user name
  • Email address
  • Country of residence
  • Telephone number
Information will only be used to validate the registration and will not be used for other purpose or released to third party.

For HKLS member:
1. After first registration, please inform Adminstrator to add your member ID to HKLS member group by email
2. HKLS member can access HKLS Members Section for closed discussion, photo sharing as well as field trip organization;
3. Member Activities will be posted from time to time by HKLS council members.

Please kindly contact administrator for question and assistance. Thank you.



1. 請註冊成為HKLS討論區用戶;
2. HKLS討論區用戶可使用【討論版】(Discussion Section),包括發表和回覆文章;
3. HKLS討論區用戶可於【討論版】發表/分享相片。

請以電郵發送以下資訊至 :D :D :D :D :
  • 真實姓名
  • 希望使用之討論區登入名稱
  • 電郵地址
  • 區住地
  • 電話號碼
資料只用於確認登記, 並不會用於其他用途或轉讓予第三方.

1. 各HKLS會員請於註冊後電郵( :D :D :D :D )管理員,以便將ID加入HKLS會員組別;
2. HKLS會員可使用HKLS【會員專區】(HKLS Members Section), 包括發表和回覆文章,分享相片和參予本地或海外考察;
3. HKLS委員會安排或組織HKLS會員活動,各HKLS會員可自由參加。

如有疑問,請與管理員聯絡。 謝謝。

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